1/2 Hour of Virtual IT Support

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1/2 Hour of Virtual IT Support




AutumnTECH technicians are ready to assist you with ANY IT-related question or issue for the next half hour.  We’ve been involved in all aspects of IT planning, budgeting, documenting, installing, supporting, replacing, securing, developing, training including every version of Microsoft Windows and all UNIX-variant operating systems for the past 25 years.  We’ve installed and setup hundreds of Windows and UNIX-variant servers, routers, firewalls, Exchange servers, database servers, LAN and MPLS WAN, VOIP systems, QoS for Hi-def cameras, etc and have been involved in the planning, budgeting, installation, and maintenance of IT infrastructures totaling in the millions of dollars and hundreds of end users.  AutumnTECH can help you, direct you, and recommend the best approach to solving any IT issue.

Verify Todd Boyer (Senior Technician) CISSP certification (link)


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