A proactively secure email messaging operating system

Block spam, reject viruses, encrypt and archive email with CORE AutumnTECH
  • Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Scanning
  • Point to Point E-mail Traffic Encryption using TLS / SSL
  • Mailbox Encryption using S/MIME Certificates
  • Encrypt and Archive Existing Mailboxes

Start-OVER and Encrypt-IT by AutumnTECH Secure Email Messaging Solutions

Start-OVER by AutumnTECH is a enterprise-grade and MSP/ISP ready virtual appliance that filters inbound and outbound email for spam and viruses before delivery to the original email server or to the destination e-mail address. Filtering for both in and outbound email traffic allows for capture and blocking on unknowing malware infected hosts sending email through a virus infected computer.

Encrypt-IT by AutumnTECH is a secure email messaging platform that allows for the ability to send encrypted email to anyone in the world. No software to install, no keys to manage. Simple, safe and secure.

What's Included in Start-OVER?

  1. VMware® Ready Appliance ready for vmdx or OVF template deployment
  2. ISO available for build your own
  3. AutumnTECH hosted in our private VPS-cloud cluster
  4. Webtility web-based access manager for configuration and management
  5. Auto-learning anti-spam scanning with thousands of up-to-date rules provided for additional accuracy of what is good email and what is bad

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What's Included in Encrypt-IT?

  1. 30-day free no-obligation account
  2. Simple compose and send Groupware interface. No boxes to check or keys to select. Compose and send does it all

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  • "I love to pass along technology information when it's good news....The investment PACT makes in the AutumnTECH anti-spam device is well worth it in my perspective. I've been tracking the reports the system generates and am pleased to report that the system traps approximately 60% of all messages received as spam. That means that the rest is actual legitimate emails. It also means that we are protected at an additional level by not allowing emails with viruses or malware to make it to the Inbox level on Outlook. Plus, users do not have to sift through emails that are spam making our email system that much more efficient. No system is perfect, but this one comes close. It requires very little if no attention from a support standpoint. It just runs....So when pondering what I'm thankful for at Thanksgiving time from a tech-geek perspective…it's this." - K. Doan - Information Technology Manager, PACT, Inc.

  • "We replaced our BarracudaTM anti-spam appliance with an AutumnTECH, I personally went from 50 spam messages a day to 1, highly recommened!" - M Wasserman, President, Janus Systems

  • I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your ongoing help and support. I also wanted to tell you about the positive difference the AutumnTECH Spam/Virus filter has made in our company. We have practically eliminated Spam within our organization, my network users are pleased and it has also improved productivity. While I have an Anti-Virus solution in place across my network your device has done such an outstanding job of catching email viruses that I almost never have to worry about problems from my incoming email. Our network is significantly more secure as a result of the AutumnTECH device. – J. Steen, Vice President of Finance & Information Systems, Prager Moving and Storage

  • “Our office is using the AutumnTECH device for a SPAM filter and we have been VERY happy with the functionality – B. Shugars, Administrator, Herman Agency, Inc.