Stop Stressing about IT

Don't be plagued by IT service outages that cause productivity loss equaling downtime and money. AutumnTECH can help establish system guidelines, procedures and quick support steps to maintain the highest levels of protection and availability for you and your employees. AutumnTECH is dedicated to improving your IT support needs with a focus on confidentially, availability and integrity.

It's 2017 Stop Stressing about IT

AutumnTECH can provide your business expert-level managed IT support for a lot less than you might think. With over 25 years of direct industry experience you can rest comfortably knowing that all of your IT support needs will be answered and resolved by local technicians.
AutumnTECH Technicians are CISSP certified! What does that mean? The vendor-neutral CISSP credential confirms technical knowledge and experience to design, engineer, implement, and manage the overall security posture of an organization. Required by the world’s most security-conscious organizations, CISSP is the gold-standard information security certification that assures information security leaders possess the breadth and depth of knowledge to establish holistic security programs that protect against threats in an increasingly complex cyber world.

Here's a few of the Managed IT services that we provide:

  • Network troubleshooting, all layers
  • Network support service
  • Hardware installation and support
  • Network design, routing topology
  • VoIP Telephone Systems
  • Virus and spyware removal and protection
  • IT security solutions, we're CISSP certified
  • Remote access over VPN, Citrix, Remote Desktop Services
  • Windows/UNIX-like Server installations and upgrades
  • Internet connection, MPLS, Dedicated Circuit
  • Web content filtering
  • Network Administration
  • System backups, onsite and offsite
  • Help desk
AutumnTECH has developed one of the most powerful email security filtering solutions available on the market today. With CORE AutumnTECH say goodbye to email spam, viruses, phishing scams, malware and other malicious attacks that originate in an email message.

Convincing you to try CORE AutumnTECH is easy. Enable the S/MIME security feature in CORE AutumnTECH to encrypt all of your email traffic making it impossible to read without your keys.

Need more convincing? Enable the CORE AutumnTECH proprietary feature called Start-OVER to catch all of those pesky messages that always seem to make it under the radar and into your mailbox.

Need even more? CORE AutumnTECH can attach and schedule sync and archive existing mailboxes cleaning up your internal email server data stores while allowing your user real-time access to their archived mailbox.

CORE AutumnTECH filtering your business email traffic is a winning solution!

AutumnTECH is headquartered in the heart of Ashburn, Virginia. Onsite IT support is available in N. Virginia, DC and Maryland. Remote IT support is available everywhere.

ownCloud built and powered by AutumnTECH is a file sharing server that puts the control and security of your own data back into your hands.

Today, most people have their digital life stored on online servers from various companies. Think Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Instagram and many others. You uploaded your pictures, your music, your daily ramblings, happy and sad thoughts. You use these services to share with others, to send and receive emails, store address books, play music and video, have your files available on any device you want. All great features, no doubt! When your phone breaks, just having to log in to the new one to find all your pictures, contacts and other settings is an amazing and reassuring capability brought by these services, often (perhaps incorrectly) called 'the cloud'.

But you might wonder: "Where is this data? Who has access to it?" Short answer, using any of the above services, lots of people do. ownCloud built and powered by AutumnTECH gives you back your data on your terms to host wherever you want.

  • Built on an AutumnTECH security hardened Ubuntu server platform
  • Secure transfer over SSL
  • Server data encrypted before storing
  • Auto-syncing Windows client, IOS and Android apps available
  • Your server, your logins, 100% isolated to you and you alone

As a well-established Chicago IT solutions consultant, Solus LLC has worked extensively with clients’ ever-increasing Spam problems. We have worked with and evaluated results for many of the software and hardware solutions now available, but we recommend AutumnTECH to all our clients. Their product does an exceptional job of protecting our clients from unwanted emails. AutumnTECH provides first-rate support for their line of products, and can always be counted on when support is required. Our clients are universally pleased with the AutumnTECH protections we have installed for them.

S. Gabel, Principal, Solus, LLC

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