Block Spam, Stop Ransomware, Secure Email Traffic

Email messaging virtual appliance for VMware® ESXi. Enterprise-ready for 1 to 100,000 mailboxes.

Email Traffic Filtering and Security by CORE AutumnTECH

CORE AutumnTECH is a enterprise-ready virtual appliance built for VMware® ESXi that can block spam, stop viruses, and secure email traffic for 1 or 100,000 mailboxes. CORE AutumnTECH includes 100's of thousands of predefined filtering rules. The self-updating anti-virus engine can block today and yesterday's threats. Our exclusive filtering technology 'Start-OVER' catches spam 'crumbs' that deliver no matter how much training is performed. CORE AutumnTECH will backup and separate email traffic including the ability for user's to access their individual backup mailbox via Webmail and secure IMAPS.
from 1 to 100,000 mailboxes, CORE AutumnTECH can replace your internal email server or act as a powerful filter and forwarder of in or outbound email traffic to any destination set. Access the Groupware server through secure Webmail or secure TLS-enabled IMAP. End to end encryption is by default.
CORE AutumnTECH includes a S/MIME certificate manager capable of issuing S/MIME encryption certificates that can be easily imported into any S/MIME email client including Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.
Manage all of CORE AutumnTECH's settings and configurations through Webtility.

My AutumnTECH defeated 200 messages per minute that were being mailed from over 17,000 malicious senders in a little less than a 24 hour period. Hurray for AutumnTECH!

D. Prosnitz, President, Personnel Planners

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