Cybersecurity Protection for Business Email Systems

AutumnTECH develops proactively secure email messaging appliances that filter spam and viruses, backup incoming and outgoing email, archive existing mailboxes and can encrypt it all to protect against unauthorized access.

Proactive Secure Email Filtering, Encryption and Backup / Archival Solutions

AutumnTECH is an Information Technology security software development and consulting firm that develops and manages solutions that proactively secure email messaging traffic and associated storage.

CORE AutumnTECH can be used to filter email for spam and viruses. CORE AutumnTECH includes a fully functional S/MIME encryption plugin that can issue, verify and revoke client certificates that can easily import into the most popular S/MIME capable email clients. CORE AutumnTECH is a full featured groupware email server that can collect and populate incoming messages to a local mailbox accessible via IMAP or Webmail. If the primary email server goes down for any reason, users can still access their CORE AutumnTECH mailbox to retrieve and send email messages. CORE AutumnTECH can connect to an existing user mailbox and archive their email into their CORE AutumnTECH mailbox. Add the CORE AutumnTECH mailbox to their email profile to allow for instant access. CORE AutumnTECH servers can fully sync with another CORE AutumnTECH server for improved availability. CORE AutumnTECH servers can encrypt and sync to the AutumnTECH storage cloud for instant offsite backup and recovery.

Our cloud is specifically designed and thoroughly tested to host CORE AutumnTECH. Worry free from local service outages, CORE AutumnTECH data centers boast 99.99% uptime
Request the OVF deployment template URL for ultra-fast installation of CORE AutumnTECH within your existing VMware® infrastruture
Build your own physical CORE AutumnTECH server. Thousands of amd64 peripherals are supported.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your ongoing help and support. I also wanted to tell you about the positive difference the AutumnTECH Spam/Virus filter has made in our company. We have practically eliminated Spam within our organization, my network users are pleased and it has also improved productivity. While I have an Anti-Virus solution in place across my network your device has done such an outstanding job of catching email viruses that I almost never have to worry about problems from my incoming email. Our network is significantly more secure as a result of the AutumnTECH device.

J. Steen, Vice President of Finance & Information Systems, Prager Moving and Storage