The AutumnTECH E-Learning Portal

There’s confidence that comes when you are able to adapt new technology quickly and improve your knowledge base. No matter what your current skill level, you’ll receive the support and tools they you need to succeed.

Top Courses:

Getting Started Video Presentation

Watch this quick video to learn more

AutumnTECH eLearning allows you to learn new subjects from start to finish or search the library to learn specific tasks.

It all begins with your Sign-In Screen. Use your Username (email address) and Password to sign into the portal. Once inside, powerful learning tools are at your fingertips!

  • 1. Hamburger Menu: Allows you to expand/contract the navigation options.
  • 2. Navigation: Navigate through your options. As an end-user you will see My Training, Course Library and Help. Administrators will see other items. Note: There is a Search bar at the top of the navigation pane to find specific training lessons.
  • 3. Channel Tiles: Select a channel tile to dive deeper into a specific training subject.
  • 4. Reminders: Displays reminder messages for you to follow up on.
  • 5. Notifications: Displays notifications like “New Achievements”.
  • 6. Account: Personalize your experience. Add an avatar, edit profile settings, or make a support request.
  • 7. Assigned Training: View your assignments and easily navigate to the details to complete the training requirements.
  • 8. Newest Courses: Displays the latest courses added to the library within your organization’s portal.

Start Learning in 3 Easy Steps

  • 1. Video Link: Select a lesson and a new player screen appears with the Table of Contents on the right side.
  • 2. ClipNotes: Quickly see what information this lesson will cover.
  • 3. Viewing Time: Know how long a video is going to take before you play it.
  • 4. At-A-Glance Course Metrics: See the number of lessons and total run time for the entire course.
  • 5. ClipQuiz: Reinforce what you are learning by taking a quiz. These results are just for you.
  • 6. ClipExam: Prove your mastery over a subject and earn your certificate of achievement with ClipExams.
  • 1. A Summary of Your Training: This includes your Time Savings, Skill Increase, Total Lessons Viewed and Courses Completed.
  • 2. Assigned Training: View your assignments and easily navigate to the details to complete the training requirements.
  • 3. Achievements: Most recent achievements including your Award Level and most recent digital medal. Click View All to be taken to the Achievements page for additional details.
  • 4. Active courses: Quickly navigate back to your current training and continue making progress.
  • 1. Leaderboard: See the top “players” in your environment and where you rank amongst all learners.
  • 2. Award Levels: As points accumulate you will reach milestone ranks that include new titles and level badges (from Competitor on up to Guru).
  • 3. Trophy Cards: Click a card to see the prerequisites. Once you complete all of the items, the card will light up signifying you’ve earned it!
  • 4. Completion Cards (not shown): A course completion card is shown for each individual course. When you watch all the lessons, you’ll get a check mark. Pass the exam you’ll get another check mark. Do both? The card will light up!
  • 5. Rules: Points earned by watching lessons, taking quizzes and passing exams will only be added one time. If you watch a lesson twice, you’ll only get points for the first time. Same goes for taking quizzes and exams.