Exceptional Corporate E-mail Anti Spam Anti Virus Filtering Solution

When you let users decide, good and bad e-mail filtering has never been so easy and accurate

Corporate Anti Spam Appliance and Anti Spam Firewall Protection

AutumnTECH develops perimeter commercial grade business anti spam anti virus firewall gateways which are installed between your business e-mail mail infrastructure and the public Internet.

Start-OVER by AutumnTECH is designed to collect and manage ALL incoming e-mail in a ‘Start-OVER’ mailbox that is attached to the user's existing e-mail client via the IMAP protocol. Once setup, users no longer need to contact the systems administrator to locate a ‘missing’ email message trapped in a quarantine. Users now have full access into their Start-OVER landing queue Inbox and quarantines to search for and train by dragging messages into the Start-OVER training folders.

Start-OVER works by queuing email from senders, sender domains, and from a portion of the email message header Message-Id that the users has not seen before. Senders that have not sent email to the user, or that are in their existing e-mail client Inbox (and subfolders) can seed their Start-OVER mailbox by copying existing messages into their Start-OVER Whitelist_Train folder or by having the Systems Administrator run the included IMAP training utility. This activity occurs after a thorough anti-spam rules-based check and anti-virus check.

Once the initial training is completed, users normal e-mail client Inbox will begin receiving email from senders that are know, their Start-OVER inbox will begin storing message from senders that they do not know.

  • "I love to pass along technology information when it's good news....The investment PACT makes in the AutumnTECH anti-spam device is well worth it in my perspective. I've been tracking the reports the system generates and am pleased to report that the system traps approximately 60% of all messages received as spam. That means that the rest is actual legitimate emails. It also means that we are protected at an additional level by not allowing emails with viruses or malware to make it to the Inbox level on Outlook. Plus, users do not have to sift through emails that are spam making our email system that much more efficient. No system is perfect, but this one comes close. It requires very little if no attention from a support standpoint. It just runs....So when pondering what I'm thankful for at Thanksgiving time from a tech-geek perspective…it's this." - K. Doan - Information Technology Manager, PACT, Inc.

  • "We replaced our BarracudaTM anti-spam appliance with an AutumnTECH, I personally went from 50 spam messages a day to 1, highly recommened!" - M Wasserman, President, Janus Systems

Start-OVER by AutumnTECH comes with a free no-obligation 30-day trial license for up to 10 local user accounts. Ready to buy? Use the Buy Ugrades link in the upper or lower link menus on our website.

Start-OVER can be downloaded as a ISO file ready for building on your own hardware or for uploading and running in your custom ISO cloud provider. Start-OVER is also ready for VMware ESXi using the OVF template deployment URL.

Included in the Start-OVER trial is one full system filtering license and 10 local user account licenses. By default Start-OVER will filter and deliver all e-mail for all senders to all of your users using the full system license. Improve accuracy by offering users the ability to manage their own Start-OVER mailbox by purchasing additional local user licenses.

Start-OVER offers the same level of commercial protection as our competitors with the added ability for users to easily manage their own filtering within their existing e-mail client.

Start-OVER can also operate as a corporate anti-spam anti-virus e-mail filter filtering all incoming e-mail under the default system account and delivering to any SMTP-capable e-mail server.