Tired of spam?

Corporate Anti Spam Appliance and Anti Spam Firewalls

Corporate Anti Spam Appliance and Anti Spam Firewall Protection

EmiliOSE by AutumnTECH develops business anti spam anti virus firewall gateways which are installed between your business mail infrastructure and the public Internet. It offers commercial protection against virus infections and phishing scams and eliminates up to 99.8% of spam.

Anti Spam Software
Email is necessary for all corporate operations, which exposes your company to any number of infection risks. This is because it offers viruses, malware, phishing scams and other harmful programs easy access to your business computers and trick your employees. This is where EmiliOSE by AutumnTECH can help by stopping all of this before it even reaches your employees’ inboxes. Its configurable spam filter server also ensures that 99% of unwanted junkmail messages are blocked, analysing each message so you only receive those that are important. If a malicious file is detected, EmiliOSE by AutumnTECH will automatically send it to quarantine or delete it completely where the risk is completely eliminated.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Managed Services Provider (MSP)
EmiliOSE by AutumnTECH is also perfect for any ISP or MSP as it works with any domains and SMTP-capable e-mail server with different spam filtering and quarantine rules for each setup.

MSP's benefit from offering a solid, stable and cost effective solution for satisfying customer's anti spam email filtering need. All of this can be installed and setup quickly with our robust partner pricing program that will allow you to service your client needs while earning additional revenue. A true win-win all the way around!

  • "I love to pass along technology information when it's good news....The investment PACT makes in the AutumnTECH anti-spam device is well worth it in my perspective. I've been tracking the reports the system generates and am pleased to report that the system traps approximately 60% of all messages received as spam. That means that the rest is actual legitimate emails. It also means that we are protected at an additional level by not allowing emails with viruses or malware to make it to the Inbox level on Outlook. Plus, users do not have to sift through emails that are spam making our email system that much more efficient. No system is perfect, but this one comes close. It requires very little if no attention from a support standpoint. It just runs....So when pondering what I'm thankful for at Thanksgiving time from a tech-geek perspective…it's this." - K. Doan - Information Technology Manager, PACT, Inc.

  • "We replaced our BarracudaTM anti-spam appliance with an AutumnTECH, I personally went from 50 spam messages a day to 1, highly recommened!" - M Wasserman, President, Janus Systems

How We Deliver
Choose a hosted or build your own anti spam firewall and subscribe to the EmiliOSE by AutumnTECH monthly fee for priority technical support and unlimited updates.

A VPS hosted subscription includes setup, configuration, management, monitoring and firmware updates by AutumnTECH technical support 24 x 7. The low monthly fee includes everything you need to block spam and prevent email viruses from entering your email server and ultimately your user mailboxes.

The Best and Most Secure Option
EmiliOSE by AutumnTECH is a recommended solution for any size company. From small business owners to large corporations, our anti spam software provides the best physical or hosted enterprise protection around. Please contact us by phone or through the electronic contact form. We eagerly await your request and will do everything possible to earn your business and long term trust.

Our Mission
AutumnTECH's mission is to provide stable, high quality, cost effective e-mail messaging security servers bundled with expert customer support and service.