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AutumnTECH: Virtual E-mail Messaging Security Appliances: Home
AutumnTECH is a software development company that specializes in enterprise virtual appliances that protect and secure corporate e-mail messaging traffic assets including e-mail systems and users.

"We replaced our BarracudaTM anti-spam appliance with an AutumnTECH, I personally went from 50 spam messages a day to 1, highly recommened!"

"I love to pass along technology information when it's good news....The investment PACT makes in the AutumnTECH anti-spam device is well worth it in my perspective"

"I installed a Virtual AutumnTECH appliance and it is working great!"

"Just wanted to thank you again for helping GCP with the spam filter upgrade process. The new filter has been working wonders..."

"AutumnTECH is the best spam box we've have seen, we hope to add more to our network soon."

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Virtual AutumnTECH Enterprise Generation Two (GEN2) Anti-Spam Anti-Virus VMware Messaging Security Appliances

What is Virtual AutumnTECH Enterprise Edition Generation Two (GEN2)?

Virtual AutumnTECH Enterprise Edition Generation Two (GEN2) virtual appliances are designed to protect and secure corporate e-mail messaging traffic assets by tagging, blocking, and filtering out malicious e-mail content before it reaches the production e-mail server and the end user’s mailbox. In addition, Virtual AutumnTECH Enterprise Edition Generation Two (GEN2) virtual appliance can extract and remotely store e-mail attachments for easier collaboration among users. Finally, enable the e-mail archive option to clear out and store older user mailbox data from the production e-mail server resulting in a cleaner and smaller datastore while giving the archived user access to their archived e-mail at all times and in real time within the same e-mail client profile.

Solution Highlights:

  • Compiled appliances arrive in the OVF open-standard for quick installation in all supporting virtual appliance hosts. Fifteen (15) minute of less installation in most cases
  • Available in ISO bootable installation format allowing for in-house custom hardware of virtual server host installations and custom partition sizes
  • Can be hosted in a private VPS-appliance environment eliminating the need for internal hardware or software
  • Simple web-based administration and configuration using Webtility
  • Sophisticated self updating and self learning anti-spam and anti-virus e-mail traffic filters that keep end users mailboxes free of nearly all spam, phishing scams, and e-mail attached viruses
  • Extract and remotely store e-mail attachments for sharing and document management
  • Archive any hosted mailbox that is reachable via the IMAP connection protocol and make it available without the need to purchase expensive per-user archive licenses
  • Ability to change e-mail message header content including sender based on user defined rules
  • Postgrey e-mail filtering checking
  • Ability to deny e-mail traffic based on public remote blocklist lookups databases
  • Reject, accept, whitelist, and blacklisting of e-mail addresses and entire e-mail domains
  • LDAP directory lookup for validating recipients before delivery
  • No per-domain or per mailbox licensing, filter as much as your hosting hardware can manage
  • Available AutumnTECH customization software development services fine tune your Virtual AutumnTECH Enterprise solution to your exact specifications and needs
  • Low-cost introduction point allowing any business access to effective e-mail messaging security filtering
  • Built using the most effective open-source platforms including OpenBSD, OpenSSH, Spamassassin, ClamAV, and Postfix

Try before you buy! No need to purchase or commit today! Deploy any Virtual AutumnTECH OVF-based appliance FREE for 30 days!

Virtual AutumnTECH Enterprise Edition Generation Two (GEN2) Appliance in a VPS-Hosted Environment
Starting as just $10 per month!

Simple and easy enterprise e-mail messaging filtering for no setup fee, low monthly fees, and no annual support fee. No internal software or hardware required. Limit experience required. Simple and cost-effective filtering done in an enterprise datacenter supported by experts in storage, server, and e-mail filtering.

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