CORE AutumnTECH Secure Email Filtering Gateway – Fully Managed Cloud Server

$590.00 / month

CORE AutumnTECH Secure Email Filtering Gateway Fully Managed Cloud Server




We do all the work for you! Our CORE AutumnTECH email filter is perfect for companies seeking an additional layer of email security.  Setup, configured and managed by the AutumnTECH Security Operations Center (SOC) your isolated and secured email server is monitored for availability and configured specifically for your business needs. This fully managed server frees your IT staff to work on other tasks.

Place CORE AutumnTECH as the first-in-line to handle your email traffic.  CORE AutumnTECH will inspect, evaluate and block 99% of spam, 99% email viruses, 99% of phishing scams leaving only legitimate email traffic for actual delivery.


CORE AutumnTECH servers have been filtering email traffic for over 17 years! 100’s of millions of emails have been processed by CORE AutumnTECH servers.


Turn on the Start-OVER tool (exclusive to AutumnTECH filters) to catch the remaining ‘crumbs’ that seem to make it to your mailbox no matter how much training is performed.  Start-OVER also allows for simple drag and drop training within your email client (Outlook among others).  No additional software required, connect directly to your Start-OVER mailbox right within your email client (Outlook among others) via IMAP.

You need Encryption? CORE AutumnTECH servers have built-in S/MIME encryption including the ability to issue secure S/MIME certificates to all of your mailbox owners.  CORE AutumnTECH servers can encrypt all inbound and outbound email secured by these S/MIME certificates.  Install the S/MIME certificate within your email client (Outlook among others) to safely decrypt messages for ONLY the mailbox owner to see.  Simple, secure and easy to setup.

What’s Included Monthly:

  • 256 GB NVMe SSD High-Frequency Storage
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 3 CPU Cores
  • 4000 GB Network Bandwidth
  • 24×7 Email Support
  • Unlimited Email Configuration Requests
  • Full web-based administration access via Webtility
  • Support for 100’s of mailboxes (not limited)
  • Automatic mailbox creation – simple and easy account setups
  • Support for dozen’s of domains (not limited)
  • Enough power to handle 10’s of thousands of filtered messages per day
  • Stateful firewall
  • Every-other day full server backup


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