CORE AutumnTECH Hosted Email Messaging Security Server – 5 Mailboxes

$10.00 / month for 12 months with a 30-day free trial

CORE AutumnTECH Hosted Email Messaging Security Server – 5 Mailboxes

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20 GB SSD HOSTED Email Server
This server may be suitable for filtering small business email traffic for 5 mailboxes
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Please include your email domain and a final destination IP address of your existing email server if passing filtered email traffic through in the Additional details section of the ordering page.


CORE AutumnTECH is an enterprise-ready email security filtering server that can nearly eliminate all security threats passed through email. CORE AutumnTECH blocks email spam, viruses, phishing attempts and other threats before they reach end user’s mailboxes. CORE AutumnTECH includes 100’s of thousands of predefined filtering rules. The self-updating anti-virus engine can block today and yesterday’s threats. Our exclusive filtering technology ‘Start-OVER’ catches spam ‘crumbs’ that deliver no matter how much training is performed. CORE AutumnTECH will backup and separate email traffic including the ability for user’s to access their individual backup mailbox via Webmail and secure IMAPS.


  • 1 CPU, 512 MB Memory, 25 GB SSD Hard Drive, 500 GB Bandwidth (per month)
  • Independent VPS-based Server
  • Block Spam
  • Stop Email Phishing Scams and Viruses
  • Secure Email Traffic and Mailbox Messages
  • Enterprise Email Security Virtual Appliances

Additional Highlights:

  • Sophisticated Anti-Spam Filter
  • Self-updating Anti-Virus Filter
  • TLS Email Traffic Encryption
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Filter
  • Redundant System Backups
  • Root and Intermediate S/MIME Server Configuration and Certificate Manager
  • LDAP Lookup and Reject Filter
  • Greylisting Filter
  • Horde Webmail for Remote Mailbox Access
  • Full featured email groupware server to host unlimited mailboxes accessiable by webmail or IMAP
  • Drag and drop email anti-spam training directly from Outlook
  • SSL and TLS for secure IMAP mailbox access and SMTP relay
  • Built-in firewall
  • Archive Exchange Mailboxes