CORE AutumnTECH E-mail Messaging Security

a proactively secure email messaging server

Proactive Secure Email Filtering, Encryption and Backup / Archival Solutions
Proactive Secure Email Filtering, Encryption and Backup / Archival Solutions

CORE AutumnTECH is a enterprise-ready virtual appliance available for Build Your Own (BYO) hardware, VMware® ESXi and for the Cloud that can block spam, stop viruses, and secure email traffic for 1 or 100,000 mailboxes. CORE AutumnTECH includes 100’s of thousands of predefined filtering rules. The self-updating anti-virus engine can block today and yesterday’s threats. Our exclusive filtering technology ‘Start-OVER’ catches spam ‘crumbs’ that deliver no matter how much training is performed. CORE AutumnTECH will backup and separate email traffic including the ability for user’s to access their individual backup mailbox via Webmail and secure IMAPS.

Spam Identification

  • header analysis: spammers use a number of tricks to mask their identities, fool you into thinking they’ve sent a valid mail, or fool you into thinking you must have subscribed at some stage. CORE AutumnTECH tries to spot these.
  • text analysis: again, spam mails often have a characteristic style (to put it politely), and some characteristic disclaimers and CYA text. CORE AutumnTECH can spot these, too.
  • learning classifier: CORE AutumnTECH uses a Bayesian-like form of probability-analysis classification, so that a user can train it to recognize mails similar to a training set.

Virus Blocker

CORE AutumnTECH detects hundreds of thousands of viruses, worms, and Trojans. CORE AutumnTECH supports archives and compressed files, detects Microsoft Office and MacOffice macro viruses, built-in support for RAR (2.0), Zip, Gzip, Bzip2 and others, built-in protection against archive bombs, and includes a database updater with support for digital signatures.


  • Sophisticated Anti-Spam Filter
  • Self-updating Anti-Virus Filter
  • TLS Email Traffic Encryption
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Filter
  • Redundant System Backups
  • Root and Intermediate S/MIME Server Configuration and Certificate Manager
  • LDAP Lookup and Reject Filter
  • Greylisting Filter
  • Horde Webmail for Remote Mailbox Access
  • Full featured email groupware server to host unlimited mailboxes accessiable by webmail or IMAP
  • Drag and drop email anti-spam training directly from Outlook
  • SSL and TLS for secure IMAP mailbox access and SMTP relay
  • Built-in firewall


Ready to fully license CORE AutumnTECH? Purchase the annual subscription for BYO and VMware ESXi installations.

Cloud Hosted:

CORE AutumnTECH runs in our ultra-secure cloud. No hardware required. Choose your cloud appliance size from the following options. Seeking a free trial? Choose the 25 GB server option.

MailboxesStorage SSDCPUMemoryTrafficFree TrialHourlyMonthlySelect
52511 GB1000 GBY $0.082 $60Select
5-104012 GB2000 GBN $0.131 $96Select
15-206024 GB3000 GBN$0.230 $168Select
20-5010048 GB4000 GBN $0.329 $240Select
50-75200616 GB5000 GBN $0.526 $384Select
75-100300832 GB5000 GBN $0.789 $576Select
100-1504001665 GB10000 GBN $1.052 $768Select
150-3008002498 GB15000 GBN
$2.104 $1536